Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cauldrons on the Chesapeake - Anchored in Eastport

Tuesday morning we awoke to a rather grey day, but perfect winds to get us across the bay toward Annapolis.  

Grey sky morning as we leave Rock Hall.
It was great to be back out on the water, regardless of the grey skies.

Enjoying the ride.
The sail to Annapolis was pretty uneventful, just us and the wind. 

I retrieved a wandering boat hook from the rail.

Overcast days are great for photos, right?  

Mr. C and I alternate steering and trimming sails, so you'll see lots of photos of either one of us at the wheel. 

Mr. C steers us toward the Bay Bridge. 

We decided we'd get under the bridge, then make a turn to go up Back Creek, which would put us near Eastport, just a short walk from downtown Annapolis. 

Approaching the Bay Bridge
Did you know the Bay Bridge is actually two bridges?  They are slightly different, but right next to each other. 

On the other side of the bridge(s)

We decided to drop the anchor in Back Creek, and then took care of some business getting the cabin tidied up and bringing Bosley the dog to shore.

Bosley supervising our progress from the cockpit.

Mr. C and Bosley returning from a quick trip to shore for important doggie business. 

We made friends with a Canadian couple on a nearby catamaran, and they took this photo of us with Osprey in the background, as we were on our way in to the dinghy dock to wander around Eastport. 

That's Osprey behind us.
We spent the evening in Eastport having drinks at the Eastport Yacht Club and dinner at The Boatyard - two great spots to hang out.  

Day Three and Four up next - fun times in Annapolis!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cauldrons on the Chesapeake!

Hellllllooo hive!  I have to apologize for my month-long hiatus post-wedding...things have been pretty busy around the ol' Cauldron household since the big day.  But, I'm back now, with some fun photos of our Chesapeake Bay honeymoon for y'all to enjoy while I anxiously await our professional wedding photos so I can start the wedding recaps.  (Really, what better way to celebrate our one-month wedding anniversary than by starting our honeymoon recaps?)  So without further delay, here's Day One of Cauldrons on the Chesapeake!

On the Sunday after our wedding, we flew home to New York to pick up our honeymoon bags, our truck, our dinghy, and our dog, and we drove down to Rock Hall, Maryland on Monday.  We had our 34' sailboat delivered to Rock Hall while we were down in Texas getting married, and it was happily awaiting us in a slip at the Sailing Emporium.

Osprey is happy to see us. 

After our arrival, we decided to explore Rock Hall on bikes:

Mrs. C 
Mr. C

The town was quiet, quaint, and pretty; I didn't manage to get any photos though (I was too busy riding my bike!)  We made a stop for lunch, and picked up some oil for Osprey's engine, along with a couple of other random things that hadn't made it to Maryland with us.  Then it was back to the marina for some final preparations for our trip.

Mr. C scrubs our dinghy.  One of the things that didn't make it to MD: our dinghy oars.  Oops.  Good thing the dinghy also has an outboard motor!  We did buy one wooden oar just in case...
One of the stops we made in Rock Hall was at a seafood market where we picked up some freshly caught rockfish (striped bass).  Mr. C whipped the fish up for dinner on Osprey's stove.  Man was it tasty!


We felt like we were as ready as we could get, and enjoyed a quiet evening on the boat before catching some z's in order to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for our departure the next morning. 

Looking at the exit from Rock Hall, just before sundown

Next stop, Annapolis!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak peek!

We got hitched, hive!

Happy Cauldrons! / photo by Lindsey + Beto Photography

And now we've begun our two-week sailing honeymoon - I'm posting this from our sailboat!

More to come, but I just couldn't wait to share that gorgeous photo that our amazing photographers posted this weekend.  Enjoy and I'll be back in a few weeks with more...

xo - Mrs. (!!!) Cauldron