Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bubbling with Joy: Delightful Details

Hive!  I have been gone for soooo long I fear you may not remember me!  I did have a good reason for being M.I.A., but after some time settling in with our little one, and with our anniversary fast approaching, I feel quite compelled to buckle down and finish up my recaps.  For a quick refresher on our big day as blogged so far, links to my previous recap posts can be found at the bottom of this one.  (I'm really not kidding that I think you might not remember me!)

I left off at the end of our ceremony, as Mr. Cauldron and I walked happily back down the aisle.  Before moving on, I think it's time to share more about some of the day's details, both professional and DIY.

Our table centerpieces were flowers by the lovely ladies at Posey, along with hand embroidered table names in oval embroidery hoops , and Ikea frames that had info on one side about what boat part the table was named after, and on the other side had the menu for the night.  (Names and frames made by yours truly. )  Mr. C and I and some of our friends were at the "compass" table, which had a fun mix of flower vessels.

Some of the tables had a similar mixed grouping of flowers, and others (like the "bow" table below) had one wooden box with a larger arrangement in it.  I liked that not everything was exactly the same.

Here's the boat part explanation for the "cleat" table: 

Our tables overall turned out beautifully.  In addition to the centerpieces and votive candles, each table had a burlap topper (made using this pattern) and rolled napkins wrapped with woven/knotted jute napkin rings.  My awesome mom made all the toppers and napkin rings.  Also, I decided not to spring for floor length linens, and honestly, they really wouldn't have made much of a difference.  If you're not going super-formal for your wedding, I say spend those dollars somewhere else!

In order to find their seats, guests picked up their favors on the way in - compasses with kraft paper tags printed with their name and their table name.  I made the tags on our printer at home and then we tied them onto the compasses with yarn - I think they turned out pretty well!  That same table also had a box for cards, which had yarn-wrapped wire that spelled out "cards" propped in front of it - a bit hard to see here, but it's there.  Our guest book was also there with a little explanation about why we were using a calendar!

I also made paddle programs for the ceremony on our home printer - since we had planned to have the ceremony outside, I was expecting folks would want something to fan themselves with.  Not as necessary for the indoor ceremony, but still useful as programs!  I was happy with how they turned out, too, but boy did they take a long time to make.  I only have a picture of the front, which I've had to mostly redact since it's a big list of names!  The back listed the order of ceremony and also had a thank you to our guests.

The font on our invitations (designed and printed by Janie at We Heart Paper) helped me tie everything together.  The beautiful calligraphy on the envelopes was done by NYC J's sister A.  I had to cover most of it up here, but trust me, it was gorgeous!

So there you have it, some of the details that made our nautical + rustic chic yet down-home vibe come to life.  The delicious barbecue may have helped add to the down-home part.  More on that coming up!

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography.***
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