Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cauldrons on the Chesapeake: Braving the Narrows

We finally pulled away from Oxford after waking up with mega hangovers and deciding to sleep in for a while (hey, if you can't do that on your honeymoon, when can you?!)  Actually, I think I may have been the only one who slept it off.  Mr. C was pretty great about getting the boat all ready to go and letting me loll around in the v-berth for a few hours.

Our destination on this pretty blue (but still pretty chilly!) day was Knapps Narrows at Tilghman Island.  We had heard horror stories from our dinner companions the night before, who said the current in the Narrows was a ripper, and that we should be really careful to time it properly.  We're used to dealing with tides and currents up in our usual cruising ground, so we figured we could handle it, but checked the times and stuff before we headed that direction.

Photo from The Shores of Delmarva

The current was not bad at all, but they weren't kidding about it being narrow!  The photo above shows the narrows itself.  We entered from the top of the photo, went under the bridge, and then tied up to the long floating dock you can see to the left side of the channel after the bridge.

Heading for the bridge - we missed this opening but made the next one.

The bridgetender raises her up for us.

Tied up to the Knapps Narrows Marina dock on the channel.  You can see the bridge right there!

Tilghman Island is a tiny island, but we felt like exploring.  The marina had a courtesy car - a circa 1990 Ford Taurus that was forest green...outside and inside.

Mr. C commands the green monster.
We zipped around the island, marveling at the farmland right on the water.  What a great combination!  We bought some fresh oysters at a seafood joint, had some crab dip at one of the local institutions, and even spotted a heron out near the end of the island.

It was a fun stop, but we were excited to get underway the next day toward our final destination - Baltimore!

Another self-portrait.  We are getting pretty good at these!

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