Monday, November 19, 2012

Cauldrons on the Chesapeake - Rainy Day Adventures

Day seven of our honeymoon sailing adventure found us still anchored outside St. Michael's.  Another grey and rainy day dawned, so we decided to check out the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in town.  The museum had many sights to see - indoor exhibits about the history of sailing and fishing on the bay, businesses on the bay (oystering, crabbing, etc), and all sorts of cool boats and machinery on display.  We hit the restoration shop area first, where they were working on rebuilding an old skipjack.

This is a skipjack they were restoring with period tools.

Pretty details, again, all done with chisels and old tools.

A very large (and old) band saw. 

As we moved from that area to others, we passed by this boat and had a chuckle:


They also had a screwpile lighthouse on site that you could go up inside and check out.  Inside they had a display of all the bay lighthouses:

This is the lighthouse I took a picture of out on the water a couple of days before.  

Mr. C enjoyed giving oyster tonging a try:

Woohoo!  Oysters!

When we'd had our fill of the museum, we stopped outside for a tourist photo:

Angry crab!

Back at the boat, it was getting colder.  So we decided to make cookies!

Boy were they good, and the oven warmed up our boat to a nice toasty temperature.

Even Bosley wanted in on the fun.

We stayed warm in our cabin for the rest of the evening, and looked forward to pulling up the anchor and heading to a new spot the next day.

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