Monday, August 27, 2012

One ring-a-dingy, two ring-a-dingy...

(Cool points for you if you know what that's from!)

Remember how I said Mr. Cauldron wasn't too keen on wearing a wedding ring?  Well, he wasn't too keen on shopping for one, either.  So I decided to make it super easy on him.

First I ordered a free ring sizer from Blue Nile.  Yup, totally free.  And so worth it!  Way better than dragging him to a jeweler to be sized.  They mail it to you in 7-10 days, and you just pop the little rings out of the plastic card and slip them on your finger to see what size you are.

Handy little ring sizer thingy.

Once we determined Mr. C's potential ring size, we talked metals.  He said he thought he wanted a tungsten ring.  I quickly found that Amazon had a variety of those, with good return policies, and I decided to order a couple of tungsten options, in different finishes/shapes (flat vs. round, etc).  I also had read that tungsten was a bit heavy, which I thought he might not like, so I ordered a couple of cobalt rings too (which are lighter than tungsten), just to compare.

I had a handful of rings shipped to our house (I so love internet shopping!)  When they arrived, Mr. C tried them all on.   Turns out we got his ring size just slightly wrong, so once he picked his favorite, I re-ordered it in the right size, and it arrived the other day:

It clearly doesn't fit me (and of course I didn't get one of it on his hand!)

He surprised me by going rather traditional with a slightly rounded plain band.  He also picked the tungsten version over the cobalt - I think he liked the dark grey shade better than the lighter shade of the cobalt.

Mr. C now has a wedding band - yet another to-do item crossed off the list!  And maybe he'll grow to love it and decide to keep it around (just like me).

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