Saturday, August 11, 2012

Predicting our numbers...

Our invitations have been out for some time now, and we've been raking in the responses.

A precarious stack of RSVPs.

It's been so fun to get all the little envelopes in the mail!  We've also discovered we were pretty good at predicting the responses, at least so far.

This is what we thought would happen when we sent out our invitations:
  • We sent out 125 invitations, inviting a total of 252 people.  
  • We expected about 80 people would "definitely" be there, about 110 were "possibles," and the rest were unlikely to attend.  It's a destination wedding, pretty much, so there are a lot of folks who won't make it.
  • We figured we'd be slightly off on our predictions on the "possibles" - potential child care issues, pregnancy announcements, cost-prohibitive travel, conflicting events, or other circumstances might prevent their attendance - so we estimated that in the end, we would wind up with somewhere around 150 guests.  
So far, this is what we've seen:
  • We've received 69 out of 125 responses (at the time of this writing, we have three weeks left until our RSVP deadline). 
  • Those 69 responses include 24 nos (48 guests) and 45 yeses (83 guests).  4 of the nos were originally on the "possibles" list but the other 20 nos were on the "unlikely" list.  Everyone in the 45 yeses was originally a "definitely" or a "possible."  
  • We are still missing responses at the moment from about 20 guests we know are attending (they have booked flights and/or hotels, but haven't sent their cards in). 
  • About 25 of the guests who haven't yet responded were on our original "unlikely to attend" list. 
  • The rest (~70 guests) are all wildcards. I'm guessing about half will accept.
It still seems like we're pretty much on track for our target guest list of just depends on how many of those wildcards decide to come to the party.   Could be fewer, if I had to guess?  I'll definitely let y'all know where we wind up once all the RSVPs are in.  For right now, though, all I can think is "83 people are going to come see us get married!"  It's pretty cool to see things start to come together.  

How many people did you invite?  Did your response rate turn out the way you predicted?

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