Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bubbling With Joy: Final Preparations

Yay, I got back on the horse!  :)  I'm hoping to plow through the rest of our recaps before baby C makes an appearance in a few months.  I think that should be manageable, no?

So, we left off after we'd wrapped up our pre-ceremony portraits, and I shared some details of our bouquets and bouts with you.  After the portraits, we all headed back to the getting ready rooms to hang out and hide from soon-to-be arriving guests.

The boys cracked some bottles of Shiner and settled in to wait.

The boys, pretending to be Mad Men extras.

The girls occupied themselves with one final detail - veiling the bride.  Chicago J took on the duty of making sure the veil was firmly tucked into my hair.

Chicago J setting the hair comb.

Looking back, I like these photos that Lindsey took as we waited for the ceremony, because we didn't actually take any portraits outside with my veil on.  I had wanted it to be the one thing that changed between our pre-ceremony photos and the actual ceremony.  I just felt like it would make the walk down the aisle even more special to change that one thing after having already seen Mr. C before the event.

Mirrored and beaming.

I'm excited!

Playing with the veil.   It was so pretty!

With details in hand, getting ready for the word that it's time to go. 

I remember fiddling with my bouquet and hankie, trying not to think too much about what was about to happen, lest the tears start welling up!  It was one of the only moments of the day where I really started to feel those butterflies in my tummy.  Something about being all ready to go just made it feel the most real.

Did you get crazy butterflies as you waited to walk down the aisle?

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography.***

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