Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bubbling with Joy: A Few More Portraits

We took a few moments at the beginning of the reception to get one important photo we had missed before the ceremony - a picture with my grandma!

We hadn't wanted her to have to wait around for portraits pre-ceremony (back when we were planning, we thought it might be really hot outside that day), so we planned to get a picture with her after the ceremony instead.  I'm glad we did, because that plan then resulted in the only non-ceremony photos of Mr. C and me where I was actually wearing my veil!  Plus I just love the doors behind us.  I wish those doors and those flowers could exist in my life on a daily basis. 

I had also asked the photographers to come grab us when the light in the sky started to fade so we could have a few final pictures outside before we hit the dance floor.  As soon as we were done eating, they did just that.  These shots took about five minutes, and they are some of my favorite photos of the whole day.  The lights are twinkling, the sunlight feels gauzy and soft, and we look as happy as we felt.

Definitely worth it.

Are you going to sneak out for a few last photos?

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography.***

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