Monday, October 7, 2013

Bubbling With Joy: Time for Toasts

After we enjoyed our plates of tasty barbecue, Mr. C and I made our way around to each table to say hi and thank you to everyone directly.  It was really important to me that each guest feel welcome and appreciated.

Lots of laughter and smiles - everyone was having a good time.

We spent a while with our officiant and his wife, who were so adorable.  They have practically adopted us as surrogate grandchildren post-wedding and they stay fully informed on us via my parents!

Then it was time for four toasts - my dad, his dad, bridesmaid Chicago J, and best man S. We didn't have champagne at the wedding, so everyone just toasted with whatever drink they had at the time. However, Mr. C and I did have champagne flutes.  I had Lone Star in mine, and I do believe Mr. C filled his with bourbon!

My dad kicked it off with a sentimental toast about me. 

I got a little choked up just listening to him (note how Mr. C is assessing if I'm going to start the ugly cry or not). 

It was super sweet.

Then it was Mr. C's dad's turn.  He and Mr. C have the same wry sense of humor, so it wasn't long before we were all chuckling.

Chicago J gave a very sweet toast on behalf of herself and NYC J all about our friendship, and had to pause midway to compose herself.  

I am surprised I didn't start crying too, but we managed to get through it.

And last but not least, best man S.  We figured he would be the best one to wrap up the toasts, and we weren't wrong.  He made some good jokes, which made for some good photos! 

With all the roasting and toasting over, it was definitely time for some dessert!

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography.***

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