Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bubbling With Joy: Bridal Party Pics

The weather kept holding up for us (woohoo!), so we decided to keep on going with bridal party and family photos outside.   First, though, there is this funny candid shot of all of us as we were getting assembled for the group shots.  Clearly Mr. C was happy to have a beverage back in his hand.

Haha!  Totally cracks me up.

First up, Mr. C and his groomsmen:

Best Man S, Mr. C, and Mr. C's brother P

Best buds

Best bros!
Then it was the girls' turn:
Chicago J, Miss C, and NYC J

This one isn't as "formal" but I like it!

Miss C and NYC J
A butterfly flew over and perched on my bouquet when Chicago J and I took our photo - check it out!

Miss C and Chicago J
And the whole group:

Everyone looks so happy!

A great full length shot, too. 
One thing I remember about the group photos is how quickly they went!  Our photographers were fantastic - they took one or two pics of each grouping, and that was it.  They clearly knew they got some great shots and didn't need to keep on snapping away.  It was awesome, as it meant that we sailed through the photos and no one had time to get hot (although the rain had cooled things down, thankfully!) or antsy or tired.  Which meant the smiles kept on coming!

Family joins us in the next recap...

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography.***

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