Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bubbling With Joy: Wedding Day Morning

On the late September morning of our wedding, I awoke to this rather wet view of Austin:

Rain on your wedding day: not so ironic.
Well, shoot.  It had been raining for at least 24 hours, and I knew the ground at our wedding site would be totally soaked.  Even if it didn't rain during the actual ceremony, it was pretty darn unlikely that we'd be having the ceremony outside.  (Picture chairs, shoes, etc sinking into muddy lawn...not so nice.)

But no tears were shed!  Part of the reason we chose our venue was because it had a great rain plan.  The wall of glass at one end of the reception pavilion would make a lovely backdrop for our ceremony.  I spoke with our day of coordinator and the site coordinator on the phone, reviewed the setup diagram over email, and called it a done deal.  Woohoo!

I also took a few minutes on my own in our suite at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown to write my last blog entry as a "Miss," smiled at my big vase of beautiful roses from Mr. C, and enjoyed a delicious lemon kolache as I waited for my girls to join me for hair and makeup.  Soon enough, we were all rocking out to Pandora and hanging out while each of us got pretty for the day.

First for me was hair, with the lovely Mandy Silver.

Mandy getting ready to tame my mess of curls.
After re-curling all my ringlets to make them look awesome, Mandy got down to the real artistry of an updo, making sure everything was arranged in style and secure.  (There's actually no "base" in this updo - just pins!  And it stayed beautifully all night - I even wore it home on the plane the next day!)

Work in progress.
Then it was on to makeup with Maris Malone Calderon.

Plumping up those lips!

After my hair and makeup were complete, I asked for pictures with both of them.  Their work made me feel fabulous.

Maris and me

Mandy and me
And then a quick photo of my girls Chicago J and NYC J with me in the middle.  We haven't aged a day since high school, I swear!

Pretty girls!

Once we were all prettified, we said goodbye to our miracle worker hair and makeup artists, and started loading up Mama C's car for the 45 minute drive out to Pecan Grove to finish getting ready.  T minus just a few hours to "I do"!

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