Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bubbling With Joy: The Happy Couple

After sharing a few quiet moments together during our first look, we started off our portraits under the outdoor ceremony arch.  

Personal photo

As Lindsey and Beto snapped away, the sun decided to emerge from behind the clouds in just the spot that made us both squint.  Both of us looked a little stiff in these pictures, anyway - we were just getting warmed up.  So, we took a few more shots but decided to move on to a location that worked better for everyone. 

We moved to a large area of flagstone under an amazingly huge pecan tree.  What a breathtaking arch it created! 

Now we're getting somewhere!  Mr. C is starting to enjoy himself, and the sun is in the perfect place.  Let's pretend like we actually like each other.

One of our favorite shots of the day (below) also happened to be the sneak peek our photographers sent us that night.  They cropped the sneak peek into a square photo, though, so we didn't see the full frame until we got the I remember why we were both grinning like crazy. 

Sneaky Mr. C.
 He's a handsy one.  But it made us laugh.

 We had the requisite "shoe" shot, too - too bad Mr. C didn't show off his fun socks!

Then we went for a (short) walk, which brought us two of my other favorite shots of the day:

And then it was time to goof around a little.  I love the ones where we are clearly laughing out loud.

You can't say we don't have fun!

On to our individual shots.  Here are my favorite two of Mr. C, looking oh so dapper.  (He didn't take very many portraits, but these two turned out great.)

Then it was my turn.  I love so many of my portraits, it's too hard to choose just a couple of favorites!  So I hope you'll indulge me as I share a rather large handful...

I love how our portraits both together and apart capture exactly how we were feeling that day - pretty much giddy with happiness.  I feel like we just glow with excitement in all of them. 

***All photos by Lindsey & Beto Photography unless otherwise noted.***

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