Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First things first...

Mr. C and I kept our engagement to ourselves for that night, and most of the next day, and then started to call our parents and friends to share the happy news.   The first question they would ask us was usually about when and where the wedding would be.  We quickly realized we needed to figure that out, or we'd be hearing that question a LOT.

Deciding on the time of year was pretty simple.  We wanted to avoid the main sailing season, and I've always loved autumn, so October would generally be our target month.

Deciding on the location was a bit more of a discussion.  We started with our current hometown: New York.  We thought about having the wedding in New York for about, I don't know, .2 seconds.  We both agreed that as much as we love living here, it isn't the most "us" (nor the most economical!) so we crossed it off our list.  Based on our love of sailing, next we thought about Newport or some other coastal town on Long Island Sound, but they all seemed like they might be kind of hard to get to for our guests.  So we turned to our home states.  Mr. C's home state of Michigan, while beautiful, didn't seem quite as "us" as mine, the Lone Star State of Texas...but then my hometown of Houston didn't hold that much appeal for us.  And then we thought of Austin!

Image via Flickr / photo by Philip Kromer

Austin is a city that Mr. C and I haven't actually ever been to together, strangely enough, but we've both visited on separate trips.  Cool city with great music, fun activities, easy to get to via car or plane...and most of all....awesome barbecue!  Oh, it just seemed like the right choice.  Thus began the journey of planning a Texas wedding from all the way up here in NYC.

Did your friends and family demand details right away?  How did you pick your wedding location?

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