Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper craze(d)...

I have always been a fan of stationery.  My girlfriends and I used to send cards to each other on a regular basis, back before email was communication central!  So it's no surprise that I was really looking forward to picking out our wedding invitations.  With so many options, it was going to be a difficult choice!  How could I make a decision?  Wouldn't they all start to blur together?  Letterpress or thermography?  Envelope liners or belly bands?  I started bookmarking websites left and right, and squinting at the pictures online every night, keeping lists of contenders to try to decide what I might like best.

Then I stumbled onto an option I never knew existed.

Y'all, I never knew you could order samples.  SAMPLES!  What a fabulous idea!  It's like the wedding industry looked into my stationery-crazed little bridal mind and struck gold. Yep, I totally went on a sample spree.  Every day when I came home for about a three-week period, there was a sample pack of some sort awaiting me.  (So much more fun than bills and junk mail!)

A little fuzzy, sorry, but I had to stand on my couch just to capture the full effect.

I eventually made my choice, which I'll share with you soon, and while it definitely helped to have lots of fun hold-em-and-feel-em samples to help me narrow the field of options....I may have had too many options.  It was hard to choose.

Did you order samples before choosing your invitations?  Did you go overboard on ordering samples and have a hard time deciding?  Or was that just me?

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