Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'll stand by you...

At first, Mr. C said he'd prefer not to have any bridal party at our wedding.  Just us, up there together, on our own.   I had to think about that one for a while.  While I could see his point (no drama, no one else to worry about, just ourselves), it made me a little sad to think we wouldn't have our best friends standing up for us on this very important day.

So, we talked about it a bit more and ultimately decided a small bridal party would be nice - just two attendants on each side.  My two long-time best girlfriends would stand up with me, and Mr. C decided one of his very good friends (who he just knew would throw a fabulous bachelor party!) and Mr. C's younger brother would stand up with him.  If we had thought about asking any more people, it would have started to venture into "groups" of friends, where you really feel like you can't ask one and not another, and it quickly would have turned into this: 

Image via / Photo by Clary Photo

Um, yeah, that's not really what I was going for.  Ten bridesmaids and thirteen groomsmen?  More power to those of y'all who are going for big bridal parties, but between the corralling of twenty+ people, the expense of an exponential number of bouquets and boutonnieres, and the fact that our wedding wasn't going to be a gigantic affair, this just wasn't an option for us.

Instead, our bridal party will likely look more like this: 

Image via The Knot / Photo by Q Weddings

But of course, in our colors and such.  More to come about the bridal party attire soon!

How did y'all decide on the size of your bridal party?  

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