Thursday, March 29, 2012


As much as I dislike it, wedding planning does seem to come with a dollop of drama mixed in.  No decision seems to be as easy as you'd expect it to be, and once you think you've made a decision, you always seem to come back around to a different conclusion!  Sometimes other people are the influencers of that change, and that adds a whole other level of "stuff."

A couple of months back, we were having some back-and-forth about our plans for the rehearsal dinner on the Friday night before the wedding.  We're not actually rehearsing before the wedding, so the whole point of the "rehearsal" dinner for us really became our parents getting to actually meet each other.  (His parents are in Michigan and mine are in Texas, so the opportunity has really never presented itself until now!)  Somehow between the origination and the execution of that idea, though, things went sideways.  I discovered Mr. C had one view of the plan (dinner for family only, then bar hopping to separate after-parties for our parents' friends and our friends), and I had another (dinner for anyone involved in ceremony, then bar hopping to separate after-parties for our parents' friends and our friends).  I won that "discussion" (ha), we decided to invite everyone involved in the ceremony, and I sent a note to Mr. C's dad outlining the plan, in order to get his buy-in on the idea.  He said that all sounded fine.

Then shortly afterward, Mr. C's dad sent over an alternate request - dinner and drinks on Friday night for everyone invited to the wedding.  No separate dinner for a small group, no bar hopping afterward to separate parties.  Everyone all in one place for the night.  

Well.  Mr. C and I were really not fans of planning what seemed like two weddings in one weekend (ha! I might jump out a window!), so the "dinner for everybody" option just seemed like too much.  But then we started thinking about how many people are traveling to see us that weekend, and we started to warm to the idea of having another gathering, with less pressure and time constraints than the actual wedding day.  We didn't have to make it too structured - maybe a Mexican buffet?  Yum, margaritas...

So, we decided to go with Mr. C's dad's idea, and plan an event for Friday night for everyone.  More to come on those plans later.

Did you have your heart set on any plans that someone then convinced you to change along the way?

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