Monday, March 26, 2012

Save it for a rainy day...

I spotted this today on A Practical Wedding - some beautiful words from bride Elizabeth, on whose wedding day it was cold and rainy out.  She was disappointed, and worried that her photos wouldn't reflect the joy of the day, but when she received the proofs, she realized they reflected something even bigger than that:

"And there we were: Doug and I, tucked under a big umbrella in the cold rain, laughing.

What is this mysterious thing we’ve agreed to, I realized, if not a shared umbrella? It says that when the days are uglier than we’ve hoped, we’ll hold close and keep each other warm. We’ll be together at the funerals and the doctor’s offices and the windy shores. Stormy days are the days that matter. The sunny ones are easy.

On the cover of our photo album, Doug has his arm around my shoulders, holding our umbrella as the rain comes down. I wouldn’t have anything else."

Well said.  

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