Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If the shoe fits...

One wedding item I started thinking about right away was shoes.  I love to shop and I love a fabulous pair of shoes, so this was really no surprised.

I first thought about donning some cowboy boots under my dress, since we're getting married in Texas (yeehah!), but I'm not sure that's the direction I want to go.  I can picture myself wearing them at the reception, but not at the ceremony.

Makes for some fun pictures, though!
Image via / Photo by Anna Kinchen Photography

I've also been encouraged by people to wear comfortable flats, but I've thought about that too, and bottom line is, flats are just. not. me.  I am a tall, proud, heel-wearing woman.  I wear fabulous heels all the time - to the office, out at night, on weekends...and I really like them.  It seems like heels would be the most "me" way to go.

I'd also like to get heels that I'll be able to wear again - as opposed to ivory satin wedding heels that will be worn just once.  (I could say I'll dye them black, or whatever, but the reality is they will go in a box and that will be that.  No fun!)  Besides - there are so many great colored heels out there!  Right now I think these Kate Spade Karmen pumps are my front runner:

Kate Spade Karmen / Image via Endless

Not only are they fabulous heels, they could also be my something blue - bonus!

Since bright colors are blooming all over the stores, I'm keeping my eyes out for new shoes that might compete with these.  I may just go ahead and order them when they go on sale, and return them if I find something I like even better.

Are you a heels girl or a flats girl?  How did you decide on your wedding shoes?

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