Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kick up your heels!

I've already posted about shoes once.  I do so love shoes.

I've been keeping an eye on those blue Kate Spades.  Let's all remind ourselves how pretty they are:

Oooh...ahhhh.... / Kate Spade Karmen / Image via Endless

I haven't pounced on them yet because I am waiting for them to be marked down.  Still love them, though.

One recent Friday morning at work, one of my coworkers mentioned to me that the Gilt sale for the day was going to be all wedding-related.  I managed to grab a moment just after noon when the sale opened to pop online and see what was listed.   As I scrolled through the shoe listings, I came across these:

Screenshot from my shopping adventure on Gilt

Yes, those pretty little numbers are Kate Spades!  For half-price!  I flirted with the idea of the light blue for a moment, but my size disappeared as I was checking them out.  Then I hopped over to look at the magenta, and thought they just might be the perfect pop of color under my dress.  Similar to the bridesmaids dresses, but not too matchy-matchy...

Kate Spade Cam Too / Image via Gilt

Into my shopping cart they went, and in a few days they will be on their way to me!  Even if they turn out not to be "the" shoes (I do still love the blue Karmens...and I've definitely heard of brides going through multiple purchases before finding the right ones), I was excited to find them. I can't wait to check them out in person and try them on when they arrive.

Did you go with colored shoes for your wedding?  What pop of color did you choose?


  1. I tried to find my dream shoes, Kate Spade's Didi in navy, during that same sale and had no luck. I love the ones that you picked. They're pretty!

    1. Thanks Marci! I like them too - and they look great on. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and those navy Didis...I've only ever seen them in black!