Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring is springing...

I spent this afternoon with bridesmaid NYC J, enjoying belgian waffles and a walk in the sunshine.    She's expecting a little one in about a month, so savoring these pretty spring days before the baby arrives is a must!

I have to say, whoever is getting married this weekend in the NYC area has got to be thrilled.  It was 70 and beautiful today, and the trees on our street look like this:

Pink! (personal photo)

They are utterly gorgeous.  Which makes me think I should have had a spring wedding!

Instead, I planted some blooms myself today, in the flowerpot on our front steps.

Geraniums and heliotrope.  (personal photo)

Anyone else in a spring-y frame of mind now that the sun and flowers have decided to come out and play?


  1. I'm obsessing over our little garden, too! It isn't much, since we live in an apartment, but it's growing and blooming!

    1. I have yet to start on the garden in the backyard, but filling this flowerpot has got me inspired!