Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharp dressed men!

We've covered the bridesmaids' attire, so what about the groomsmen? 

Since it's going to be pretty warm in Austin in late September, I immediately nixed the idea of tuxedos.  Our wedding just isn't going to be that formal, and I couldn't picture tuxes at all.  Hot black wool and layers of shirts and vests under the hot Texas sun?  No thank you!  So, I started to toy with the idea of lightweight suits and colorful ties.

Grey might be nice:

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Steve Steinhardt

Image via It's a Bride's Life / Photo by Tinywater Photography

Or khaki?

Image via / Suit from Bonobos
Image via Shorely Chic / Photo by Kat Braman Photography

Or maybe navy!

Image via The Knot / Photo by Andrea Hallgren Photography

And how can you go wrong if the Prince is a fan?

Image via The Urban Gent

I ultimately decided on something very similar to what Prince William is wearing above - the groomsmen will be in navy suits and light blue shirts, with magenta ties.  I purchased matching ties for everyone, but they can all wear their own suits, shirts, and shoes, which is an economical option.  Our dads and Mr. C's stepdad can either wear navy suits, or navy blazers with khakis, and still fit right in for photos and the ceremony.

Just yesterday, my order from Charles Tyrwhitt actually arrived, with ties for Mr. C, the groomsmen, and my dad, and a shirt for Mr. C. 

Snazzy! / Shirt and Tie from Charles Tyrwhitt

And finally, for Mr. C, we were planning to order a custom made navy cotton and silk suit from Indochino.  Should be the least oppressive option in terms of fabrics, and pretty fun to have a custom made suit for the big day.  I also wanted to get him a fun lining color as a surprise.  But alas, they don't have that fabric available any longer, so it's back to the drawing board on the suit. 

Regardless, I can really start to see everything coming together now that I can picture us all standing together in pictures.  Whee!

How did you decide on groom and groomsmen attire?  Did you go with traditional tuxes, or something a little different?


  1. Love this look! Navy suits are classic, and you can always wear it again.

    1. Thanks Molly! That's what I thought too. Better than a one-day rental in my mind, and hopefully they feel the same way!