Monday, April 23, 2012

A stitch in time...

I decided a while ago that for table numbers, I wanted to use embroidery.  We're going with a rustic chic kind of theme, so the home-yness of hand-stitched accents using muslin and thread just felt right to me.

We also decided to name the tables after the parts of a sailboat, since that means more to us than plain ol' numbers, and then we can also avoid any issues with people who might want to be seated at low numbered tables vs. high... (trying to think of everything, here!)

Parts of a boat!  / Image via Maharishi University of Management

I recently sat down with all my tools to give the embroidered names a try.

First I printed out templates for the names, using the same font from our wedding invitations and save-the-dates (Wendy):

That's "mast" and "boom."  

Then I cut some muslin, traced the table name on the muslin with pencil, and placed it into an embroidery hoop.

Can you see the traced version on the muslin?

I started my first attempt with raspberry-colored embroidery thread, but it was just too thin to make an impact.  Then I tried using multiple strands, but it was a bit of pain to keep it from snagging up, and still seemed too light.  Then I remembered some not-too-thick yarn I'd used for a project a while back, and ran to grab a bigger needle and that yarn out of my craft room.

The yarn is too dark, but it makes the right line thickness!
That's the embroidery thread that I started out with on the upper right of the photo.

Bingo!  That would work.  I ordered the mulberry color and patiently awaited its arrival.  It got here this weekend so I sat down to start over again on the "boom" hoop - and this is the result!


Using this awesome guide from Mary Corbet's Needle n' Thread, I chose stem stitch to "write" the name with thread.  Stem stitch gives it the neat rope effect.  I think it turned out pretty well!

Pretty rope effect of stem stitch.

Can't wait to do something like 20 more of these...

What did you use for your table names/numbers?  Did you try a DIY project?

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