Monday, September 17, 2012

Letting things slide...

I am mere weeks away from our wedding, and I feel like I have slightly lost control of my senses.  How complex can one evening of our lives be?  Apparently, rather complex, as I still have a to-do list a mile long.  It's getting shorter, but I sure wish some of these things would handle themselves.   Some of them are bound to fall off the list before the wedding day.  As plan-ful and organized and OCD as I can be sometimes, I pretty sure I'm going to wind up being okay with that.   Here's why:

This weekend, we spent all day Saturday rocking it out on a raft-up (a big boat party on the water) with a bunch of our friends.  This party had nothing to do with our wedding, but it was such an awesome gathering, it felt like the celebration of the close of summer and the intro to our fast-approaching wedding festivities all at the same time.  My husband-to-be took himself back home to our boat late in the evening after having slightly too much fun, and I kept on going (dancing!  so much dancing!) till the wee hours.  The weather was glorious all weekend, and we had a fantastic time.

Me and Mr. C, on our way to partying it up a lot, standing on a boat that is sadly not ours,
but is seriously awesome.  (No photos of the dancing -  we will save that for the wedding!)
In order to have so much fun on Saturday, we spent Friday evening and Sunday morning getting to and from the party (a six hour trip on the boat each way).  Then on Sunday when we got home, we did some boat maintenance and got home after dark.

Bottom line: this means I totally got nothing (zip, zero, nada) done for the wedding this weekend.  Am I slightly freaked out about having missed out on two days and two nights of possible get-wedding-things-done time because I'm such a control freak and I am quickly running out of free time to finish everything before the big day?  Yes.

But - I wouldn't trade the fun I had this weekend for anything!  It reminded me that in the end, our wedding day will be all about having a blast with those who love us, and that will absolutely happen whether I have perfect programs and beautiful escort cards, or not.  (And a relaxed bride is totally a happy bride, right?!)

Did you give yourself a break as your wedding day approached?


  1. I had no idea how much work there would be to do in the final weeks. I was cruising along this whole time not understanding how brides get stressed. Ha!

  2. The last weekend before our wedding we spent out of state helping our best man move. It was nice to be away from all of the lingering tasks that were still on my to-do list. And you know what? Whatever you don't finish, it won't matter on your wedding day. Also, the other side is completely the opposite of leading up to the wedding, as I've recently discovered. I'm so relaxed now, it's great. Hope everything goes well!