Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something old...

I decided to carry some heirlooms with me on my wedding day as my "something old."  The heirlooms are from my mom, my grandmother, and my great-grandma, all on my mom's side.  I'm honored to carry something from each of these women as I get married, and my grandmother and great-grandma have passed on, so this will be a small way for me to remember them on the day.  I'm sure they would have loved to be part of it all.

The first is my mom's original wedding ring set.  We wear the same ring size, so here it is on my hand:

Manicure is Essie's "Minimalistic" - I think it might be the wedding color!

Then we have a 2-and-a-half dollar coin (it's smaller than a penny!) from 1909, which belonged to my grandmother and was made into a pendant.

Apparently these 2 1/2 dollar coins are worth something close to $300 today!

And the third is a cross from my great-grandma.  I still remember the day that she unclasped it from around her own neck and passed it on to me.

My great-grandma's cross. 

I am planning to have all three of these pieces attached to the stems of my bouquet somehow - I'll leave that up to the excellent work of the girls at Posey Events.

Are you planning to wear or carry any family heirlooms during your ceremony?  What are they?

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