Saturday, September 22, 2012

That darned checklist...

As the days before the wedding are starting to wind down, I am determinedly checking things off my list!  It has felt like it kept growing longer even as I was checking things off, but today I think I'm finally on the flip side, and it's actually getting shorter now.

  • Final dress fitting, check.  (Soooo pretty!)
  • Shipping for dress organized, check.
  • Send emails to bridal party and family regarding logistics for the weekend, check.  
  • Locate heirlooms that will be pinned to bouquet, check.
  • Email everyone coming to the wedding to remind them we have a website with lots of information, and we also have buses taking everyone to the wedding (don't be late!), check.   
  • Send final table setup with names of tables and number of chairs to the venue, check.
  • Print out tags for favors and double check list, check.
  • Remind Mr. Cauldron how much I love him and how excited I am to be his wife, check.
  • Send emails to transportation vendors with detailed directions and times, check. 
  • Find a nail salon for the Friday before the wedding, check. 
  • Request final lists of registered guests from wedding hotels, check.
  • Calculate final payments due on day of, and organize envelopes for tips and thank yous, check. 

And those are just a few of the things I've done in the past day and a half.  I feel like a task accomplishing machine!  It makes me quite happy.

Now I'm off to reward myself for all this work by watching last week's Project Runway for an hour.  (Any other PR fans out there?!)


  1. Planning a wedding really is the to-do list that never ends. That's the best way I can describe it.