Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My co-workers totally pulled one over on me today.  I have a regularly scheduled catch-up meeting once a week with one of the girls who works for me (we'll call her A), and we sat down for our meeting only to be bumped from our conference room by someone who needed it for an external meeting.  A then suggested another conference room that I know is often in use, so I suggested another smaller room that I thought would be more likely to be available.  She went along with my suggestion, but when we got to the smaller room, it was locked!  She suggested that other conference room again, and I finally said well, I guess we can check to see if it's in use.  We walked down the hall to the room, and I could hear a bunch of people inside chatting, but she walked right up and opened the door....

...because it was a surprise bridal shower!  Everyone from our 30+ person HR team, even the crew from our office in New Jersey, all were there, smiling and clapping.  It took me a second to realize what was going on, and I remember leaning against the door frame and laughing when it sank in.

I am sad to say that of course I took NO pictures because I was so caught off guard.  But there was a fabulous ice cream cake, a beautiful card, a banner that said "bridal shower," some treats from our Crate & Barrel registry, and many many good wishes.  I also got to practice my cake-cutting skills with a big knife, so I now feel prepared for our cake-cutting at the wedding.

Did anyone surprise you at work with a celebratory event?  Were you completely oblivious?**

**Apparently when we got kicked out of the first room (which was not planned, by the way), a couple of our other team members were right down the hall with the cake and a gift bag, and they thought I saw them, so they were totally freaking out thinking that they had ruined the surprise.  I of course hadn't even noticed them, as I was too busy figuring out which room we should relocate our meeting to.  Then when the smaller room's door was locked (also not planned), we spent a few minutes trying to find a key before A suggested the other room again and I agreed to check it out.  She did an excellent job keeping her cool as I dragged her around our floor while she tried repeatedly to get me to go to the right room.  Silly me.

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