Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Name that boat part!

This Sunday I put my wedding DIY hat on and wrapped up a few remaining projects.  The first project was a small addition to our guest tables.

As I've mentioned, we're naming the tables after different parts of a boat - a nod to our love of sailing.  I hand-stitched all the table names onto muslin, and the names will be displayed in embroidery hoops on each table.  However, most of our guests aren't sailors, so I wanted to give them all a little more information about boat parts; in particular, the part their table is named after.  In addition, I wanted to provide a menu on each table so guests will know what kind of barbecue deliciousness awaits them!

I bought a bunch of Tolsby frames at Ikea about a month ago, and this seemed like a good way to put them to use.  One side of the frame could display the boat part info and the other side could house a nice little menu for the evening.

I worked on these in OpenOffice, creating 4X6 boxes on presentation slides and inserting a boat diagram and the boat part definition in one box, then the menu in the other:

Work in progress on my desktop
I used a diagram of a boat that I found on the web, and replaced all the part names with clearer text by placing new text boxes over the names that were already there.  I also added some boat part names that weren't on the original diagram, but were names of parts that we were using for our tables.

Boat parts, with altered names by me. (original graphic found here)

I printed them all out on white card stock, cut out the 4x6 rectangles, and inserted them into the frames, after pulling the frames out of the plastic wrap, peeling two static-laden sheets of protective cellophane off both clear plastic sheets in each frame, and screwing the base of the frame on.  (Any other bees who have Tolsby frames: make sure to add some time for full assembly into your plan!)

Here's how they turned out:

All the little frames finally finished up!

One example of the boat part side, with the definition of a boom. 

And the menu side. 
I chose not to print in color on these because there will be flowers right next to them, and the bright embroidery of the table name itself, so there will be plenty of color around to liven things up.

So what do y'all think?   Will the guests be happy to learn more about their table name?  And to see the menu for the night?  I'm getting hungry already.

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