Friday, September 7, 2012

The final countdown...

Now that we're fully in our actual wedding calendar month (eeeek!), a number of things seem to be taking on some more urgency.  I mean, not that we aren't organized and we haven't taken care of pretty much 90% of the things that need to be done...but there are still a lot of things in that remaining 10%.  In fact, some of that 10% is really important, and most of them were things I really couldn't take care of until this very fast-moving month of the wedding.  Things like:

- final table assignments and printing/assembling of our favors-slash-escort cards (couldn't exactly finalize this until all rsvp's have come in)
- programs (couldn't ask our readers until we were sure they were coming to the wedding - as one of them was an overseas couple and we didn't want to put any pressure on them to be here!)
- final orders for food and drink on Friday and Saturday nights
- final transportation plans (buses are dependent on guest numbers)
- wedding license (very important!)
- finalize florist order and other reception decor (need actual number of tables)
- final dress fitting (yay!)

Okay, that's not that many things.  But it seems to take so much time to put this seemingly small number of things to rest!  And there are of course other things I could have probably wrapped up sooner but didn't get to, or didn't have time for, and now it's totally crunch time. I can already feel my inner all-nighter cram-for-the-exam energy coming through!

Do you feel like there was a lot more to do in the last few weeks before your wedding?   Did you love that crazy period of time, or loathe it?

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