Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dressing the MOB!

My mom wasn't originally really sure what she wanted to wear for the wedding, and Mr. C's mom and stepmom were already asking me what they should wear pretty early on in the wedding planning.  Finally around January, I told them both that my mom really hadn't decided on her dress yet, as the wedding was still so far away... and that as soon as I knew more I would let them know!

Because our ceremony will be outside and it's likely to be a tad bit warm when we are taking photos and such, I suggested she steer away from the standard long dress with drapey jacket that  seems to dominate the MOB options.  Mom also lives pretty far from the nearest big city, so she has had limited opportunities to shop in person.  We turned to the trusty internet and found a few possibilities: 

Image of Nina dress via Audrey's Mother of the Bride
Image via Light In The Box
Image of Jade dress via Jasmine Bridal
Then I saw this Adrianna Papell dress on someone's mom in an online wedding recap (I think?), in a light beige color, and I sought it out for my mom to take a look at: 

Adrianna Papell dress from Nordstrom

Mom liked this one a lot, so she's ordering it in a couple of colors and sizes to see how it looks.  She might also go shopping in person in Houston to see what she can find.  I want her to find something she really loves!

And hopefully she'll have a dress soon so I can let the MOG and S-MOG know all about it, and they can go shopping for their own attire!

How did your mom pick her dress?  


  1. Uh - my mom is horrible to shop with. She's probably the pickiest of all! It's actually quite easy for my sister and I just to dress her ourselves. My sister actually found my mom's dress at Nordstrom Rack. Worked out perfectly. My mom said it made her look fat (we don't think so), but the color worked perfectly (almost the same color as my BM dresses).

    My future MIL asked early-on as well. I told her to just find anything within the ldark lavender, lilac or grey color. I'm sure she'll do fine, she's got a lot of style already!

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by. I agree, mom attire can be tough! Sounds like you found something perfect. I hope this one works out for my mom!