Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shopping Sunday: registry-o-rama!

We've (and when I say we've, I mean I've) been slowly building a registry since last fall.   Mr. C didn't understand the point of a registry and felt like it was an outright solicitation for gifts.   My view has always been that many people will actually want to buy us a gift and not just feel obligated to do so, though I guess some will feel obligated - but either way, shouldn't we help them to buy things that we actually want and will use?

Building the registry has been a bit of a challenge, as Mr. C and I have been living together for about three and a half years now, and we're no longer in our 20s, so we already own many of the things that would usually go on a registry.  However, this seems like a nice way to replace some things that might be getting worn down, add other options, and some new decor.

I started out with two registries initially.  The first was Crate and Barrel.  Mr. C and I love to cook, bake, and entertain, so this seemed like an easy pick.  We like their stuff, most of it is reasonably priced, and they are easy to order from.

We threw a "catch-all" celebration (post-holiday/birthday/engagement/Chinese New Year's party) in January at our house, and a number of our friends gifted us with some things off this registry, which we have been happily using since:
Acacia Salad Bowl and Servers 

Bellamy Carafe

Rectangular Serving Platter

The second registry is at Macy's. I felt like I had to pick a department store (not sure why?) so Macy's was the one I chose.  Our registry there is pretty small, with things like new measuring cups, potholders, canisters...and a meat cleaver (added at Mr. C's request).

Should I be concerned?
Henckels meat cleaver; Image via Amazon

I wasn't thrilled with the bedding and bath options at either of the first two stores, so I decided to add a third registry: Pottery Barn.  I haven't bought much from Pottery Barn recently myself, but they do have great bedding and bath stuff, so I went with my gut and registered for those categories there.   I'm looking very much forward to fluffy new towels and some fresh sheets, coverlets, and pillows for our master bedroom and guest room.

PB Classic 820-gram weight towels

Matine Toile Duvet Cover

We don't have nearly as many registry items as we will wedding guests, but I'm sure some will prefer not to buy a physical gift and will go with a card instead.  We've also suggested gift cards on the registries for those who would prefer that route.

It's been fun slowly adding to the lists online as we think of things that might be useful or nice to have.  I can't imagine how much more difficult it must have been when you had to visit the store to put a registry together!

Did you register?  How did you decide where to register and what to register for?

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