Thursday, May 31, 2012

The honeymooners...

It didn't take us long to decide what we were going to do for our honeymoon....

Not a tropical beach vacation:

On the beach at Cow Wreck, Anegada, the British Virgin Islands, February 2012 

Or a European holiday:

In Paris, March 2011

But a sailing adventure!

Osprey underway, July 2011
Yep, when you own a boat, you try to spend as much time as possible enjoying it!  We've decided to position the boat down in the Chesapeake and spend two weeks cruising those waters.  We can't wait to see some new sights.

Osprey motoring out of Edgartown last summer.

Plus we can take our crazy dog Bosley along!

A wet day on the water in September last year, with Bosley the dog. 

What are you doing for your honeymoon?  Does it involve one of your favorite hobbies?


  1. How fun! I really want to learn how to sail. Want to teach me? ;-) We're going to Cape Cod, which is a great place to be for a sailor!

    1. The Cape is gorgeous! We sailed to Martha's Vineyard and Cuttyhunk last summer; you will just love that area. What a great place to honeymoon. (And yes, happy to teach you to sail, anytime. ;) (Lake Michigan is an ideal sailing spot and the first place I ever sailed!)