Friday, June 1, 2012

To bling or not to bling...

What a happy day - I found my wedding ring!

After work I stopped by Doyle & Doyle, a beautiful jewelry store on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  The store is a total work of art, with jewels hung in frames on the walls, like paintings.

Image via Doyle & Doyle
They specialize in antique and estate fine jewelry, and I had poked around their website already, so I was fairly certain I would find what I wanted there.  I went in feeling positive.

Sure enough, after trying on a number of stunning and unique platinum bands, both with and without diamonds, this beautiful band won me over:

Why, hello!
I love that it's sparkly but not overpowering.  It's truly a lovely match for my engagement ring, too, with that vintage hand-mounted look:

And, if I didn't need a clearer sign that it was meant to be: it was a perfect fit, no sizing necessary.   As my adorable salesman said, a Cinderella moment.  He polished it up, rang up the sale, and off I went.

Hooray!  Now I'll just have to stop myself from trying it on all the time between now and September...

p.s. Note the red manicure, which I have to say is aging pretty well five days in.  Color is Essie's "Wife Goes On."  Heehee.