Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thinly veiled threat...

P sometimes watches Four Weddings.  (He will kill me if you tell him I told you that, so let's pretend I didn't tell you.)  He thinks the premise is brilliant -  there are no paid actors, there is always some sort of catty drama, and the prizes are probably paid for by the sponsor.  Smart approach for the producers, right?

Anyway, we were watching an episode recently and one of the brides on the show had chosen a veil with a blusher.  I couldn't find a picture of that particular bride online, but it was this kind of idea:

Image from Charlotte's Weddings

As we're watching, P pipes up and says: "I really don't like it when the veil is over the girl's face.  It looks kind of weird."

This from the man who rarely shares an opinion on anything I wear (other than "you look great, dear!")  Who knew he would have an opinion on a veil?!  I managed to keep a perfect poker face and said something like "I guess not everyone would like the same style."  Then I changed the subject.

I haven't told him a thing about what I'm wearing on our wedding day, but I will be wearing a veil.   Good thing it doesn't have a blusher, though, hm?  

What do you think of veils?  Short-ish or long-ish?  Blusher or no blusher?

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