Thursday, June 14, 2012

She's crafty...

Suitcases seem especially popular as card boxes these days.

Super cute! 
Image from Ruffled / Photo by Jonas Peterson 

Though I liked the idea of using a vintage suitcase, I decided I wanted to look for something else.  Something not too huge, but not too small, and rather unobtrusive.

I got lucky pretty quickly, as this box from Pier 1 fit the bill exactly:

Water Hyacinth Box 

It's a reasonable size (15x12x8), it fits in with some of the jute, burlap, and other natural touches we're including in the wedding decor, and it has a lid, which is helpful for keeping everything contained and in one place.  One more item checked off the list!

Also, after seeing the awesome tutorial for yarn wrapped words that Miss Dragon posted, I knew I had to incorporate that into my DIY efforts for the wedding, too:

"Love" wrapped in yarn from Family Chic

So, I found the wired clothesline on Amazon and decided to try my hand at shaping the word "cards" to prop up against the card box.  Here's how it went.

Yarn and wired clothesline, ready to go!

First I managed to eke this out:

Yup.  I cut the clothesline too short.  And it's kind of a hot mess all around.  Let's try again:

Slightly better.
This one is better, and I started to try to wrap it with yarn to see how it would look.  Then I decided it was actually kind of too big.  So I tried one more time.

I was much happier with this version.  It's a bit smaller than my second attempt, and I think it will look great once it's fully wrapped in yarn.  I'm working on that and hope to show you a final photo soon!

(And yes, that's yet another table name awaiting embroidery.  I have several of those left to do.)

Are you going to have a card box at your wedding?  Will you use a suitcase, or something else?

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