Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A song for you...

I'm finding it a bit hard to choose music selections for the wedding, our first dance in particular.  I'm not sure if I'm indecisive, or if I just love everything too much!  I am torn between a few choices.

Feet Don't Touch the Ground - Stoney LaRue
This one is a song we listened to many times in the early days of our relationship.  It holds memories of lazy Sunday mornings with coffee and breakfast in bed.

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
We heard this one on the night we got engaged (there was a wedding taking place that night at the yacht club, and the band was playing it outside our window), and then again on the radio as we were driving home the day after.  Seemed like a sign...so it could be the song?

Stick Around - Reckless Kelly
A bit of a more upbeat / humorous tune, this one is by one of our favorite bands.  I'll actually be walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of another song of theirs (which will be a surprise for Mr. C - don't tell him!)

Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band
I just love this song.  We could have been the subject of the lyrics - we had a very similar conversation a couple of years ago.  I played it for Mr. C on a road trip and he laughed, because I was so right.  But I'm not in an asylum, don't worry.

She's Like Texas - Josh Abbott
This is a nod to my Texas heritage, and the wedding location.

What do you like the best?  Did you have a hard time picking your song?

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