Sunday, June 3, 2012

A garter for good luck!

We have decided we aren't going to do a bouquet or garter toss at our wedding, mostly because the majority of our guests are already married!  However, I still plan to wear a garter underneath my gown.  There aren't too many opportunities for that, so I'm going to take advantage.

Flat lace garters like this one are really pretty, and kind of a different look:

Image via Be Chic Accessories on Etsy
This one is a little more traditional:

Image via JLWeddings on Etsy
This one has feathers!

Image via Live Adorned on Etsy
This one is simple, but adds something blue: 

Image via The Garter Girl

And this one combines everything I've shown above except feathers, I think: 

Image via GarterLady on Etsy
I'll probably wind up with something like the last one, which has a traditional look, pretty lace, and something blue. 

Are you wearing a garter at your wedding? 


  1. I'm not wearing a garter because we're not doing a garter toss and I'm worried you'd be able to see the outline of the garter under my dress since the skirt isn't poofy. I love that last one, though!

    1. I actually wound up ordering the last one - it just arrived today and it's beautiful! One more thing off the list!

      If you want to wear a garter just for kicks, maybe you could do something flatter like the first one on this post? Or is your dress really slinky?

  2. We're not doing a garter toss either but we were at a wedding recently and I mentioned this to my fiance and he told me he wanted me to get a garter anyway. I'm leaning towards something like the first one because it will be flatter since my dress is fitted to the middle of my thigh. Thank you for posting this with the link. I found one similar on pinterest but the link didn't work and I have been looking for something like that one ever since!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad, Kelly! Hope it works out for you.