Sunday, June 17, 2012

When I'm not planning a wedding...

...I'm probably at the office.  But if I'm not at the office, then I'm probably working on our boat.

This weekend P and I were up in Newport finishing the preparations for our sailboat Osprey to finally go in the water this week.  It was the last time I'll work on Osprey in the yard up there, as we're moving her back to New Jersey this season.  As I worked under sunny skies at polishing the stainless steel on top of the cabin, I couldn't help but think about a similar weekend last October when I was sitting on top of the cabin in the sun, working hard at sanding the toe rail.  At the end of that day, Patrick surprised me by asking me to marry him.

This weekend we spent two long days finishing up a number of projects (installing hardware, painting the bottom, polishing the stainless, replacing lights, caulking and replacing the rub rail...the list goes on).  We are dirty and bone tired, but we had a good time, we worked hard together, and we have a beautiful boat to show for it.
Boy is she shiny!!!

Weekends like this one make me glad we are a good team.  As P says, there's nothing like a boat as a symbol of a relationship.  Hard work, pulling your own weight, and a whole lotta love - they each need those in equal measure.  It seems just right for us that we'll be spending the first two weeks of our marriage cruising the Chesapeake on Osprey

Family portrait in front of Osprey, who has a shiny new paint job. 

What makes you feel like you and your significant other make a good team?

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