Monday, June 18, 2012

Party attire for the bride...

Mr. C's mom is throwing an "open house" for us back in his hometown in Michigan in July, so that friends and family who won't be able to make it down to Texas can celebrate with us in town.  Many of them have never met me since we live out in NYC, so it will be a fun afternoon of food and celebration.

Mr. C says I have to bring my "NYC style," as they will all be expecting me to be fabulous.  No pressure or anything.   So I've been trying to find something fun to wear that won't be too fancy or too casual, but just right.  And kind of bride-ish, maybe?

I got this cute Lilly Pulitzer dress on sale recently - seems to be a good mix of fun and bridal, and good for a summer afternoon party.  Can you see it with a bright necklace or bracelets and some fun sandals?

Lilly "Blossom" dress in white lace

And this isn't very bride-ish, but I'm kind of loving it.  It's sweet and simple but also a gives a nod to our sailing habit:

Mona dress from Anthropologie
And look at the back!

So cute!
Which one do you like better?  Or are they both misses?