Sunday, June 24, 2012

The higher the hair...

Haha, just kidding.  I definitely do not intend to go for this hairstyle at my wedding:

Hilary Duff - image via Dress Safari

While I think a high bun can be elegant - on the right person, in the right situation - Mr. C would laugh me out of the room if I walked down the aisle with a big bun on top of my head.  Instead, as I've mentioned before, I'm probably going to go for a low messy knot of curls.  I have been looking for something pretty to wear in my hair, similar to the jewelry in these photos:

Image via The Knot / Photo by Eric Cable

Image via Wedding Chicks / Photo by Erich McVey 

I actually bought two sets of hair combs on The Aisle New York last fall, right after we got engaged.  I was overly excited to buy my first wedding related item (aside from magazines, of course!) and I think I might have jumped the gun a little bit.

The combs I bought last fall - I have four of them.  I put the pen in the photo for scale. 

I bought two sets thinking that I'd wear two combs and each of my bridesmaids could wear one comb. I could definitely tuck two of the combs into my updo, where the crystals are in the image above from The Knot.  Or even on the sides?  But now that a lot more of the wedding has come together, I'm not totally sure if those combs are the right ones, so I've been looking for alternatives.  I've found a few options that I like, with pearls and a bit of a sparkle.  

I would use this at the back of my head instead.  
Comb from Hair Comes the Bride.

Comb from Cinderella's Pumpkin

Comb from Everything Bride on Etsy

I've also been contemplating a flower as an option, but I think the pearls/rhinestones are more me than a flower.  And it really looks best pinned on the side, but I'm not sure I want that.

Image via The Knot / Photo by Jesse Leake Photography
Hair by Mary Belieu - It's a Date at the Powder Room

I will probably just let my hairstylist guide me on all of this and save myself lots of hemming and hawing.  I have a trial scheduled in Austin in late August (can't wait to share photos of that - I have a makeup trial the same day!)

Are you wearing any accessories in your hair?  What is your favorite look? 


  1. Oooh I love the Cinderella's Pumpkin one!

    1. It's pretty, right? Have you found something for your hair yet? Go for it! :)

  2. I just bought a gorgeous beaded cathedral veil, but I looove the look of rhinestone hair combs. Trying to figure out if I can work both at the same time without looking way over-accessorized!

    1. Of course you can! And you'll be taking that veil off after the ceremony, I'm even if you feel it's too much with the veil, you could always pop the combs in afterward...