Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be our guest...

I am not a fan of the traditional guest book. 

Image via My Dream Wedding
Luckily, I have seen so many fun and creative ideas for ways to record guests' attendance.   I am having a hard time choosing one that I like best!

Thumbprint trees (also cute when the person signs the thumbprint): 

Image via Wedzu

A signature frame: 

Image via Wedding by Color

Adding signatures to a poster with your wedding date and info and a colorful graphic: 

Image via Martha Stewart

To get away from framed paper, you could ask for advice:

Image via Marry This

Or maybe just forget the paper completely and have guests sign Jenga blocks instead? 

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Taylor Lord Photography

Or how about a bench?!

Image via Ana White

We won't be able to do anything too large, like a bench, as we won't be able to get it back home from Texas to NYC!  (Kind of a bummer, because I think the bench is really neat - and I have since learned that this is actually the one Mrs. Sand Dollar made for her wedding!)

So, to keep it simple but still a little different, I think I will go for something that is kind of a mash-up of the signature frame and the poster, like a cool print that everyone can sign.  I really like the idea of being able to hang it on our wall afterward.   

This print is the front runner at the moment: 

Print by thebigharumph on Etsy

I've asked if the seller can make the print on a larger paper size in order to have enough room for everyone to sign around it, and that is definitely possible.  I also like that it incorporates our wedding location but isn't overtly wedding-y.  Mr. C and I are not fans of creating a "wedding altar" at home.  (You know what I'm talking about!)

What do you think?  And what are you planning to do for your guestbook? 


  1. It will be nice to have something you can hang up and display instead of it being in a book you never look at. We are having a photobooth, so we will be having a guestbook that has one copy of the picture and people can sign next to it.

    1. That sounds like fun, Kelly! We are having a photo booth too, but I hadn't thought about the fact that everyone will probably have a pic taken and we could put them in a book...

  2. what about the calendar idea??

    1. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about that idea! I may have to go back to that one...thanks dear! :)

  3. I recognize that bench! I believe Mrs. Sand Dollar made that (she's SO crafty!)
    I didn't like the 'traditional' guestbook either. Your other ideas look great!

    1. Thanks Kimberly - I thought it was gorgeous - what a fun idea!