Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clutch City!

I know I won't be needing it all that much on the big day, but I felt compelled to buy a clutch to go with my gown.  I figured I should at least have lipstick and gloss, a bit of powder, and some bobby pins on hand.  And a handkerchief, of course, as I know there will be happy tears!

I shopped online, and it was a tough search.  There were so many options!

This one has a pretty bow:

"Social Butterfly" Clutch from Clutch Chic on Etsy

And this one is simple, with lace:

"Antoinette" Clutch from DavieandChiyo on Etsy 

This one is made of soft rosettes:

"Peyton" Clutch from Belles and Crystals on Etsy

This one could even be my something blue!

Lauren Merkin "Louise" clutch / Image from Nordstrom

But this pretty little vintage clutch ultimately won my heart:

"Blanched Blossoms" Clutch from Edisen

It's the perfect size for the essentials, and I love that it's vintage and thus pretty much one-of-a-kind, as so many of the details of my wedding are shaping up to be. 

Did you bother with a clutch or bag at your wedding?  Or just entrust your lipstick to someone with pockets?


  1. I was thinking of not having a clutch or anything at my wedding. I mean, I don't plan to carry it down the aisle so I don't think anyone will even see it. So I figured I could save the money and just use a bag I already had and throw a bunch of stuff in it and not worry about the size. I'm still torn though because part of me wants something small and cute. Plus I figure I'll need my phone and a few other things. I'm just not sure yet.

    1. I hear you; I'm not carrying mine around either, but I still felt like I wanted something to have some essentials nearby. (I forgot to mention chapstick, which I am addicted to...) You never know, maybe you'll find something perfect when you're not looking!