Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A dapper gentleman...

We have finally wrapped up Mr. C's hunt for wedding attire.  I asked him to meet me at Lord & Taylor after work, where I had already pulled a handful of suits he could try on (in order to stave off the I-hate-shopping monster)...and after trying on just three jackets, bingo!  We had a winner.

Hugo Boss - Modern Fit "The Jam/Sharp" Suit in Dark Blue 

We went with Hugo Boss, as I thought we might.  The other suits he tried were too big and boxy and this one had a nice line to it.  Lord & Taylor was a great experience, too.  (Shout out to Keith at L&T - thanks, man!)

Here is Mr. C giving me a goofball look (don't worry, those sleeves are being shortened): 

Hi.  I'm rather sunburned from my weekend of sailboat racing.  But I look handsome, don't I?

Then we waited for the tailor to arrive:

Looking quite dapper, no? 
The view wasn't half bad: 

Classic New York.

At last Joan the tailor showed up to work her magic: 

A nip here, a tuck there...all good. 
Hooray!  Mr. C has a suit to wear on our wedding day.  And he's going to look mighty handsome.  (I'm not biased or anything.)  Now the man just needs some new shoes and a new belt, and he'll be all set. 

Did you buy or rent your groom's attire for the big day? 

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