Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet anticipation...

As the wedding date creeps ever closer (87 days, yikes!), several wedding-related events are also coming up:

July 21P's mom is throwing an "open house" party in Michigan for friends and family who might not make it down to Texas to meet me and celebrate us.  We'll also be seeing his dad and dad's wife, and his brother and sister-in-law.  It will be great to have a chance to spend some time with all of them before the big day.

August 3: My first dress fitting, probably.  It's yet to be scheduled, but I'm waiting to hear from the salon and this looks like the best date for me at the moment. I cannot wait to see my dress again!

August 4NYC J and Chicago J are throwing me a fun and fabulous shower/bachelorette party in NYC, involving a picnic in the park, desserts and games at NYC J's apartment, and a dinner out on the town.  The evening may also involve some drinks. *wink*  We've invited girls from all over the country, in the hopes that they will want to come have a fun weekend in NYC with us.   I cannot wait to see both of my favorite Js together, and everyone else who decides to join in!

August 25: I'm flying down to Austin for a hair and makeup trial, and meetings with the florist, day of coordinator, and site coordinator.  My mom will be joining me in Austin, and I am so glad we'll get to spend the weekend together, as I know the wedding weekend will be pretty hectic.  I think that weekend will also be the one that makes wedding finally feel really "real!"

When I think about these events, I'm filled with anticipation and excitement, but also a little bit of sadness.  It seems like time is going by so quickly that these celebrations will all be over before I know it.   (And how on earth have we been engaged for more than eight months already?!)  

Has anyone else felt the same way?   How are you planning to hold onto these special moments as much as you can?

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