Sunday, July 1, 2012

Suit up!

Originally Mr. C and I were thinking that we would order a custom made suit from Indochino for him to wear at the wedding.

Essential Navy Suit from Indochino

However, they no longer sell the cotton/linen version that I was betting would be perfect for a rather warm day in Austin.  Boooo.

So, we decided to stop by J. Crew one day after work last week to check out their options.  They have two suit cuts, the Ludlow (trendy, skinny lapels, slim cut) and the Aldridge (more of a classic cut).   They do a cotton version of both.

Aldridge suiting from J. Crew - this comes in navy too. 

Bummer, though, to find out that 1) they don't carry the Aldridge cut in stores, and 2) they don't carry a jacket with a chest size large enough for Mr. C in stores either (he's 6'4" and wears a 46L).  He tried on some pants in the Ludlow cut anyway, but we didn't like them.  So, totally a bust. 

Then we walked over to Saks, where I tried to get Mr. C not to look at price tags and instead just try stuff on.  (It's his wedding.  I think he should get a nice suit.)  Don't mind the price tag, dear.  Keep breathing.

We looked at the most breathable (no pun intended) navy fabrics they had to offer, and Mr. C tried on a few different brands, including Zegna, Canali, and Hickey Freeman.  I don't have any good photos, but the Zegna was beautiful, but crazy expensive.  That's crazy expensive in comparison to the others; admittedly they were all rather pricey.  Hickey Freeman was too boxy and didn't fit Mr. C well.  The overall winner was the Canali, which fit him beautifully and was a really nice light cool fabric.  We left with the salesman's card and decided to take a little while to think about it.

I've suggested we go check out a Boss suit before deciding.  Boss is at an even lower price point, where I think Mr. C might be more comfortable.

Boss Black Pasolini in Navy / Image via The Style Cure

So much for the cotton suit idea - now we're just going for a nice navy suit.  He'll sweat in it no matter what, so I guess he'll just have to deal!  I'm excited though - he looked so awesome in the Canali, like it was made for him.  I know he'll feel great in a suit that fits well, no matter what we wind up with.  As long as he doesn't spill bbq sauce down his front, he should be all set!

Did you shop with your fiance for his attire?  How did it go?


  1. I got Josh a beautiful lightweight wool suit in charcoal gray for the wedding. I found a Calvin Klein with gorgeous hand-stitched lapels at Saks Off Fifth in Cypress during a sale and it was only $260. I'm not sure how close you are, but that outlet mall has amazing sales, especially right around big holidays.

    1. Thanks Marci! That sounds like a great deal! I'm unfortunately nowhere near Cypress - we're living in NYC these days. But outlets are certainly a thought; we have some around here too. I'll keep thinking!