Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Expressing gratitude...

With gifts and cards appearing in our mail now that the invitations are out and the open house in Michigan has taken place, I've started working on thank you cards.

Our thank you cards were made by Janie of We Heart Paper, who did the rest of our invitation suite as well.  She created a flat card for us with our names at the top in the font from our invitations, and included the knots, of course.

Thank you cards! / Design by We Heart Paper

To keep track of thank you notes that need to be sent, I added a column on our invitation spreadsheet to note what gift each invitee has sent to us, and another column right next to it to note when I've sent the thank you out.  I have also decided to keep the volume of thank-you note writing under control by writing thank you cards at the end of each week.  So far this has worked out pretty well!

Thank you cards for this week, in progress.

I'm also sending thank you notes to everyone who signed our guestbook (in the photo above) at the Michigan open house, whether they brought a gift or not.  The open house wasn't meant to be a gift-giving event, and just the fact that they came out to show their support and break bread with us is plenty enough to warrant a thank you!

Along the same lines, I'm looking forward to writing thank you cards on our honeymoon to everyone who attends the wedding.  I know it will remind me of the fun times we had that day and it will be a fitting end to all the celebrating.  Instead of using our invitation suite thank you notes, we have decided to send each guest a postcard from a stop on our honeymoon sail, so they can all share in the adventure we'll be having after the big day.

Image from The Maryland Store

Am I the only one who thinks writing thank you notes is actually fun?  I totally love knowing that the recipient will find our happy little note in amongst the junk mail and election contribution solicitations.

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  1. I LOVE the postcard idea! I might have to steal that from you.