Sunday, July 29, 2012

More fun in Michigan...

After a fun afternoon at Mr. C's mom's house, we headed over to his dad's house for more food and festivities.  This time it was a small family gathering, with Mr. C's dad and his wife, Mr. C's brother, sister-in-law, and niece, and Mr. C's stepsister and her husband.

Everyone hanging out on the patio before dinner.

Mr. C's stepmom gets the buffet ready.

Mr. C and his niece.  He's clearly contemplating what it would be like
to have his own little tyke! 
Mr. C, me, and Mr. C's brother, discussing who knows what.  Mr. C's brother
appears to be amused by our discussion, though.
Having a low-key gathering was a great way to end our day.  We definitely enjoyed seeing so many family and friends in one day - but wow, was it a lot of socializing!  Still, it was a great way to kick off  wedding-related events as the countdown to the big day continues.

Did you have any pre-wedding gatherings of family and friends that weren't "showers" per se, but were  centered around your upcoming nuptials?

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