Sunday, July 15, 2012

A little boot-scootin...

I just sent an email to my dad with some options for father/daughter dance songs.  I used to dance with him at company parties when I was little, and I'm looking forward to dancing with him at the wedding.  I won't be standing on his feet this time, though.  

Dad and me back in the day.  I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween - that wasn't an everyday outfit.
I picked lots of old and semi-old country songs, since that's what we used to listen to in the car: 

Patsy Cline - "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever"
Johnny Cash - "I Love You Because"
Kenny Rogers - "Through the Years"
John Denver - "Sunshine on my Shoulders"
George Strait - "I Cross My Heart"
Bellamy Brothers - "Let Your Love Flow"
Randy Travis - "Deeper than the Holler"
Patsy Cline - "Always"

It was kind of tough finding songs that weren't super sappy or way too slow.  Dad and I have had our differences as I was growing up, and some of the really saccharine songs like "Butterfly Kisses" are just not our speed.  I'm not sure what Dad may have already thought about or planned in his head, either, so I asked him if one of these sounded good to him or if he had any other suggestions.  I can't wait to hear back!  It will be a nice moment to share with him at the wedding.

Are you planning to dance with your dad or someone else significant in your life at your wedding?  How did you pick the right song?

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