Thursday, July 5, 2012

The write stuff...

NYC J's awesome and very talented sister A offered a while back to do the calligraphy on our invitations as a hugely generous gift to us for our wedding.  Check out this gorgeousness:

Bam! A totally rocked it.  And yes, of course we're sending an invitation
to the White House.  You never know; maybe they will be craving barbeque in late September.

A dropped the full set completed envelopes off when she was here in NYC recently, so NYC J and I had an invitation stuffing party at her apartment!

NYC J multitasking.
NYC J is so amazing, she is simultaneously placing stamps on our RSVP envelopes while breastfeeding her baby.  No, seriously.  She started cracking up when I told her I was definitely going to blog about this amazing feat.

I promise there is a baby in her lap.
Anyway, after baby was fed, we got a bit of an assembly line going.

Setting up for envelope stuffing.
In this photo, you can see the inner and outer envelopes on the top right (with some of A's practice envelopes stuffed in between the rows), my spreadsheet of guest info, the invitation and reply card, stamps for the RSVP card envelopes (which are hiding in the Crane's box), and two sets of miniMoo cards.

(Side note - I love the miniMoo cards!  I also used a miniMoo card in our save-the-date, with a photo on the front and our wedding website info on the back.  This time, one card has the Friday night party information on it, along with a reminder about our website, and the other card is actually an RSVP for Friday night, to be returned with the wedding invitation reply card.  We put both miniMoo cards in the reply envelope so they wouldn't get lost inside the bigger invitation envelope.)

I won't tease you any longer: here's a view of the full package.

Invitations by the lovely Janie at We Heart Paper / miniMoo cards by Moo / Amazing calligraphy by A

You've already heard about how we decided to use knots on our save-the-dates, and we carried that through to our invitations for a cohesive set of paper goods.  I also chose some cheeky RSVP options, which hopefully will make our guests chuckle.  I absolutely love how the full package turned out, and A's calligraphy is truly the icing on the cake.

So we managed to finish stuffing all the envelopes that day, minus one thing: stamps for the invitations.  Total idiocy on my part - I bought stamps and somehow managed to leave them at home.  So, after another day delay to get the stamps finished up (more to come on that), these precious envelopes hit the post office!

It was kind of freaking me out that once the invitations were out of my hands, the land of wedding-related craziness would officially be wide open to all of our guests.  Before they were mailed, it was all just my own craziness, mostly.  Now the guests would get to contribute their craziness too, and I wasn't sure I was quite ready for that...  But, as NYC J wisely said, there will be a surreal moment at the wedding when I look out at all the awesome people at the party and I will think "All you people are here because I asked you to come!  And you came!"

So, do you love the invitations as much as I do?  Who else thinks NYC J is an amazing multitasker?  


  1. ahhh I LOVE these!!! You're making me feel like a slacker, though, because I haven't even gotten our invites printed yet.

    Also, we're stamp twins. :-)

    1. Thanks Molly! I love the Hopper stamps (duh, sailing). :) I used those for the RSVPs and our save-the-dates earlier this year. I chose butterflies for the 65 cent stamps for the invitations themselves, instead of the wedding cakes the USPS currently has as the wedding stamp.

      I'm sure your invitations will be gorgeous!

  2. We used Moo cards too, and now I'm in love! I'm trying to figure out other ways to use them so that I can order some more.

    1. Marci, I saw your invitations on your blog - they look great!

      Maybe you could use Moo cards again for a little note at each place setting? Or as a tag for favors?

  3. So glad you like the calligraphy! And you can totally do a ton of stuff while nursing a baby, as long as everything's within reach or you have a servant at your beck and call. :)