Thursday, July 19, 2012

Man's best friend?

Mr. C has been relentlessly teasing me since last fall about how he realllllly wants Bosley to be the ring bearer at our wedding.

Image via MyWedding / Photo by Paul Johnson Photography

The teasing drives me crazy, as he's kind of half-serious.  But I just can't see myself managing to deal with the dog on our wedding day, to be completely honest.  Just one more thing to worry about.  Bosley might be Mr. C's best friend, but I had to put my foot down - no doggie ring bearers.  Or random aisle-walking dogs:

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Studio Impressions Photography

Bosley will be chilling at the Stay n' Play for the weekend back home instead.  He will be coming with us on the honeymoon, though!

Hi!  I'm cute and I love to sail! 

What do you think about involving pets in the wedding?  Is your canine companion going to trot down the aisle with your rings?   Or accompany you as you walk toward your future husband? 

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